Brotherhood of St. Andrew

Who We Are:
The Brotherhood of St. Andrew is a national men’s ministry named for the apostle, who, according to John's Gospel, after meeting Jesus, went to find his brother Simon, and said to him, "We have found the Messiah." Then he took Simon to Jesus.
The Brotherhood of St. Andrew has been an Episcopal Church  ministry of and for men more than 126 years and was even commissioned by Congress, along with the Boy Scouts, in a charter signed by Teddy Roosevelt.
Grace Church began a chapter in 1968; it became inactive no one recalls when. We are now active again and look forward to welcoming more members.

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Brotherhood Newsletter - August 15, 2016
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Grace's national connection

The rector will conducted a portion of the Sunday Sunday service August 7 to recognize the renewed charter of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew chapter at Grace Church.

The chairman of the organization's governing national body, Dick Hooper, will attend to affirm the parish's re-induction into the mainstream men's organization within the national Episcopal Church.

The current chapter formed this year for fellowship and ministry and holds a monthly dinner and chapter meetings at the parish. Prospective members are always welcomed. The Brotherhood assisted Vacation Bible School last month by supplying a half-ton of sweet potatoes, a portion of which the VBS used to teach the children about food security for people.

By associating with the historic church organization, the Brotherhood at Grace recognizes both the Presiding Bishop's and the Episcopal National Convention's resolutions to encourage the role of men in the life of the church.

Hooper, the Council chairman of the national Brotherhood, recently presided over a Mesa, Arizona conference which enthusiastically received news of Grace's renewal in the organization.

The historic body dates to the time of President Teddy Roosevelt, who signed its congressional charter, a rarity otherwise enjoyed only by the Boy Scouts of America. The focus is on supporting spiritual values through ministry that enables men to participate in fellowship and work.

Daughters of the King, which also has a chapter at Grace, is considered by the Episcopal Church to be the parallel to the Brotherhood of St. Andrew.

Chris Waddle