Join us on Sunday, September 19 for a blessing!
“Oh, the places you’ll go!”

Remember that great Dr. Seuss book? So much wisdom and fun in a children’s book. It reminds me it is once again time to go! Time to go out into the world and be the light of Christ to the people we meet.

This Sunday we will do a “blessing of backpacks and devices.” We say backpacks, because most students carry a backpack or book bag when they go to school. It’s sort of a symbol of going off to school. We say devices, because, well, we do a lot of work on our devices: computers, laptops, pads, mobile phones… you name it. We all take these devices out into the world as we go to do our work.

We want to bless you, as we bless your backpacks and devices as you go out into the world. Here’s my Dr. Seuss style prayer:

Oh, the places we’ll go
With God as our friend.
Two by two he will send
With us, till the end.

Oh, the places we’ll go
Both known and unknown
God sends us by plane,
By train and even by phone!

Oh, the places we’ll go
So don’t be afraid
The foundation is laid
And the price already paid.

Oh, the places we’ll go
To bless and be blessed
A letter from Christ
Already addressed.

Oh, the places we’ll go
Take love, joy, and trust
Shake off the dust
And remember, prayer is a must.

You, your backpack and device will receive a blessing along with prayers, a backpack tag, and more! We look forward to sharing this time with your family!