Grace Church, the first church built in Anniston, was completed in 1885. One hundred years later, in 1985, faithful parishioners established an Endowment Fund known as the Second Century fund to provide for significant capital improvements to better serve parish programs and ministries and to establish funds for future maintenance. A significant portion of the Second Century fund was used for long-deferred and much needed repairs and restoration of our buildings.

Later, a second campaign was successful, and in 1991, the two funds were combined, and documents restated to form The Grace Church Master Trust.

Examples of intended uses of Master Trust funds include: building and grounds maintenance; capital improvements to the building and grounds; acquisition of additional buildings or grounds; outreach; transportation needs; and replacement of heating or cooling systems.

An amendment in 2021 directed the Diocese Trustees to distribute 3% of the December 31 fund value to the Church in the coming year. These funds are used for operations and parish programs and ministries.

You are encouraged to consider planned gift opportunities which allow you to provide for Grace Church in a way that maximizes tax and other financial benefits. These could include a bequest in your will, a gift of life insurance, a charitable annuity, or a gift of appreciated stock or other appreciated property.

Please consider including Grace Church in your lifetime or estate giving plans. To learn more about opportunities to do so, contact the rector or your legal advisor.

Updated 02/2024