We are praying for a very safe reopening. We are also trusting that everyone will do their part to keep each other safe. If you’re not comfortable coming, that is okay. If you come but do not receive communion, that is also okay. Please don’t hesitate to call me with questions. As we make plans to reopen the Church on October 4th here is a list of some of the precautions we will be taking:
  • Congregation will enter through the front side door (not bell tower)
  • Ushers will seat people as they arrive
  • Every other pew will be blocked
  • Exit after services will be controlled
  • Physical distancing will be observed
  • Masks that cover mouth and nose are required
  • No congregational singing (we will have 2 singers and organ for music)
  • Collection Plate will be available, but not passed
  • Prayer list will not be written, but will be offered silently or verbally at the appropriate time in the prayer
  • Doors will be propped open a small amount to provide air flow
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided
  • Extra masks in case someone forgets to bring one
  • Communion will be bread only
The biggest concern I have heard so far is how will communion be distributed. Image every other pew is blocked off and empty. The minister will walk through the empty pew and give you communion directly. You will cup your hands and they will carefully drop the bread in your hands. If we should accidentally touch hands, the minister will use hand sanitizer and keep on going. The wine will not be distributed, but we receive Christ in his fullness in either of the Elements. Everyone will keep their masks on until the minister has gone to the next pew, then you will be able to consume the Body of Christ. This method is what Bishop Glenda has used and feels it is very safe. Remember the amount of time you are close to another person matters and giving out the communion does not take much time.